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Get Involved

This area does occasionally get severe weather. It is important to monitor the situation when storms present. Usually this area gets Thunderstorms with dangerous Cloud to Ground lightning, Microbursts, High Winds, and Flash Flooding. The National Weather office in Hanford is your official source for weather related information/warnings. 

Monitor the local weather by listening to NOAA Weather Radio. Dedicated radios can be purchased rather cheaply online. 

Here are recommended radio to have available: 
Cobra CWR200 (Handheld)
Midland WR120EZ (Desktop)
If you don’t have a NOAA Weather radio, you can monitor 162.425 MHz or click here for an online stream

Use SAME code: 006029 for the Indian Wells Valley, 
​Use SAME code: 006027 for the Owens Valley

Use a cellular phone that supports Wireless Emergancy Alerts (WEA). These phones will receive emergency alerts that are sent by the National Weather Service for the area you are located in. More Information on WEA

Become a SkyWarn Weather Spotter for the National Weather Service. Meteorologists can’t see all of the storms, especially the further away from the radar they are. They need ground observations from trained weather spotters to report significant weather. 

Share your weather related pictures and videos with tag #IWVWeather and #HNXSpotter to show on this website, everybody can find it on social media, and the local NWS Hanford office also sees it.

Send a Weather Spotter Report by using this link: Submit Report